Dec 21

IFOAM. The 40th Anniversary.

IFOAM 11.12

Out of sight out of mind, it was a matter of creating the new organic tomorrow based on the old biological science and doing it for all to see while educating the young and subverting the existing paradigm through infiltration into the minds of the students that there was another pathway to follow. Over the next 20+ years hundreds of students were challenged to rethink their pathways into life in the broadest way.

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Dec 19

Ensuring Food Security from the very Beginning

Piva Fabrizio ccpb rid_1-1

When our company was founded, in 1988, health threats, particularly caused by pesticides, were a big issue in Italy. We thought that organic production would be a fascinating solution to this problem, even if at that time this production process was almost unknown. There was no culture for organic, only rich and health oriented people used to buy organic products.

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Dec 17

A Vision of a Social and Economically Just Society


The challenges of small and marginal farmers are manifold – lack of water, increased cost of cultivation, small and fragmented lands, difficulty in access to markets, and many more. IIRD and its key partners at the grassroots believe on the path of organic farming towards sustainable livelihoods. Since its inception, IIRD has been promoting organic farming and has established alternative markets for the small and marginal organic farmers called the Organic Bazaars.

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Dec 15

Organic Life in Bangladesh. A Model for Permaculture and Sustainable Livelihoods


In Bangladesh, about 70% of 165 million people living in rural areas are dependent on agriculture. Villagers are simple, warmhearted but hardworking; lead nice and coordinated organic life. Multiple and multi-storied cropping culture is being maintained traditionally according to their habit, habitats and adaptation to maximize production and land-use.

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Dec 10

Ganja Agribusiness Association, a Promoter of Organic Agriculture in Azerbaijan


Organic agriculture provided an option for the Azerbaijani farmers to develop a sustainable agriculture production system in an environmentally supportive and economically sound way. Since its initiation in 2000, more than 2000 farmers have been trained in organic agricultural methods and 332 have advanced to the stage of applying for organic certification of their products.

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