Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 27

El Rincón Orgánico: Civil society organizations have to lead

23 years ago, El Rincón Orgánico started with the principle that one should first feed your own home and then the world. The organic sector in Argentina has been mainly dedicated to exports of food to the main consumer markets, that is why María Calzada and Pipo Lernoud founded the distribution scheme and the shop. At the beginning the idea was to get organic products for their family and friends. By that time they were producing squashes and cereals for the global market and some veggies for their own consumption. But as conventional agriculture started to be seen as increasingly toxic, the demand for better products grew. María started to contact all the local organic producers and coordinate a supply of their products. And the local market started to appear. After two decades of knocking door to door offering organic, fresh and local produce, we have an increasing organic local market with groceries, restaurants, markets, specialized stores.

All these experiences teach us that biggest changes comes from the grassroots, when people get together under one same aim. We understood we couldn’t wait for the institutions to make the first step, civil society needs to lead the change. This is a crucial point for international conferences, such as Rio+20, where the most important actions and results are the ones that come from the people. Today climate change, world hunger, deficient health and education systems are facts that everybody can acknowledge, and we shouldn’t wait any longer for others to take action. Civil society organizations have to lead.

That is why we are pleased to be part of the big family that is the organic movement and to cooperate with IFOAM in working for the world we all want. Much was achieved in these 40 years, and that shows the importance of collective effort, as one IFOAM annual report stated: “One World, Many Hands”.

As members of this big family, we believe that part of our daily work is to promote this philosophy. That’s the reason why El Rincón Orgánico continues organizing public events and free seminars, and trying to get involved in places we have never been, like rock concerts and film festivals, to bring organic lifestyle to the whole world. We encourage all IFOAM members to take action and help IFOAM to take organic to the next level.

Julia Lernoud
El Rincón Orgánico

Jun 15

BioFach: A More Sustainable World for the Good of all People

Many people regard the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 as a major milestone in international environment policy. Its results include the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Convention on Biodiversity, the Convention to Combat Desertification, and the action programme Agenda 21. 20 years later from 20–22 June 2012, the international community meets again in Rio de Janeiro  at the Conference on Sustainable Development, when the community of states will discuss the urgent problems in the areas of environment, resources and climate at the highest political level.

In many areas, the organic sector’s ideals correspond to what will concern the world’s leaders at the Rio summit: a greener, fairer and more resource-friendly world that through sustainability can help to reduce poverty in many parts of the globe and stop climate change.

BioFach, the World Organic Trade Fair, gathers the entire international sector for ecologically produced goods in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg once a year. Besides manufacturing and trade, this includes a large number of political representatives, associations, NGOs and media representatives. Nowhere else do as many people for whom a more sustainable form of agriculture, production and trading is a key driving force for their business meet in one place on four days. The experts use the whole BioFach network in Nürnberg and in the other venues in Japan, the USA, Brazil, China and India as locations from where they can shape the future – not only of their own sector.

On behalf of BioFach, we wish the organizers of Rio+20 in Rio de Janeiro every success and hope that the international community takes a great step forward in the realization of a more sustainable world for the good of all people in this world, including future generations!

Claus Rättich
Member of the Management Board