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Dec 04

A Sustainable and Future-oriented Economy can Only Exist in Harmony with Nature

When it comes to sustainable development, agriculture becomes increasingly important. Pesticides, chemical fertilizers and monocultures leave the soil depleted and low in nutrients. Thus, the conventional farming has reached an impasse. About seven billion people need to be fed sufficiently. A sustainable and future-oriented economy can only exist in harmony with nature.

Lebensbaum is a company producing coffee, tea, herbs and spices made of finest organic quality – for more than 30 years. We guarantee complete transparency of our supply chain. Our suppliers as well as ourselves make sure that natural resources and biodiversity are protected.

Organic farming means a closed loop system and, due to soil fertility and mixed cultures, it not only ensures stable yields but also stores carbon dioxide in the long term. Plus, it produces crops of first-rate quality.

Sustainability also demands an increase in productivity of organic farming. This is the reason why Lebensbaum invests in new areas to cultivate organic crops. Lebensbaum continues the idea of sustainability and enables as well as encourages its employees to participate in the topic.

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