Aug 17

Biosun Certifier: Passengers, all aboard!

It is with our utmost excitement and pleasure to seize the opportunity in such allegory of grace and beauty on the wings of Organic Agriculture, flying to the sustainable livelihoods. Development in every dynamic society such as the I.R. Iran even at the beginning of the organic way and organic movement is indispensable event many challenges still lay ahead and it takes heroic innovations to overcome them. Awareness to the organic farming and organic products is growing rapidly in Iran. Both governmental and private authorities are trying to enhance organic chains in the country. Iran, because of different climatic conditions has a good potential to produce different kinds of agricultural products which are mainly Saffron, Figs, Grapes, Citrus, Date Palm, Pomegranate, Almonds, Pistachio, Walnuts, wild collection of medicinal and ornamental plants and all other crop plants. In most cases, traditional agriculture in Iran is a kind of non-certified organic (neglected organic production) because most of  the practices and processes in these agro ecosystem are compatible with organic agriculture. Many farmers in Iran do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Then, it caused that Iran’s land for agriculture is not too much contaminated with agrochemicals.

Results of Rio+20 can and should be the stop en route to the perspective horizons of sustainability, where bright spots become recognized and a clear pathway paved for the future generations of every entity on earth. We do believe that Organic does imitate nature and there should be no boundaries or barriers if we are destined to preserve the integrity of our planet. None of the expecting conditions of sustainability are beyond the technical or resource reach of our societies if we listen to the whispers of every beating heart, appreciating the giving hands and cherishing the talented bright minds. Let organic becomes the journey, beginning in delight and ending in wisdom.

Together we stand, divided we fall and the spirit should carry on.

Biosun Certifier

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