Sep 14

Serbian Organic Foundation: The Change Begins Within

RIO and the Global Sustainable Development – Consciousness based approach

“Food  security  exists when  all  people,  at  all  times,  have  physical and  economic  access  to  sufficient,  safe  and  nutritious  food  to meet  their dietary needs and  food preferences for an active and healthy s life.” (RIO 2012 Briefs on Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture).

For the world to provide “food security for all people and at all times” and achieve a sustainable agriculture globally, we need to address and foster the core of human creativity – the intelligence which lies within every human being individually and the whole of the society collectively. This intelligence is the source of every thought that translates itself into activity, into the structure and dynamics of every societal organization, of every human endeavor and of every economic and political system.

Order or disorder within will ultimately determine the order or disorder in the phenomenal world of man, leading either to evolution, growth, accomplishment and fulfillment, or, if internal disorder prevails, which is the case today globally, to conflicts, problems, hunger, disease and suffering. World will never enjoy the permanent state of “food security and sustainable agriculture” unless the state of self-referral intelligence, the state of absolute order, and the state of infinite creativity, is established and utilized regularly by the human mind through the available and scientifically proven technologies for the development of individual and collective consciousness.

Branko Čičić
Serbian Organic Foundation

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