Nov 19

From a Strong Supporter of IFOAM’s Poverty Eradication Policy, a Message to the Organic Community

Poverty eradication still remains the over- riding priority for developing countries including Turkey and the greatest global challenge is, we have to care about Mother Nature that nurtures us. With the recent global economic crisis, financing for development of the developing world by the developed countries has been increasingly coming under acute pressure and requirement of enhanced development assistance is all the more critical when developing countries are faced with curtailed capital flows, austerity measures and increased programming requirements. Even the EU Food Program is under threat. Development operational activities of the Global System under UN policies must have the ability to respond and adapt to the evolving environment and expectations of individual countries, scientific communities, NGOs (as IFOAM did) stressing that the programming activities need to be harmonized with the budgetary plus other precautions and policies.

IFOAM recognized that agro-ecological based farming (Organic farming) practiced by small-scale farmers as the most effective approach in addressing climate change, food and water security, biodiversity loss, poverty eradication and sustainable development. World population reached over 7 billion in 2011 and 880 million rural poor people living on less than $1.0 per day/Per Person and 70 percent are partially or completely dependent on agriculture, livestock and food security.  IFOAM came up with a slogan and sent a message through Rio+20 in July 2012 Organic Agriculture: Smart Solutions to Overcome Hunger and Poverty and have been cooperating with local and international members, working with international organizations: FAO, the World Farmers Organization, UNCCD and others. IFOAM is trying to eliminate GMOs and antibiotics use, fighting against industrial harassment and aggressive policies of agriculture industry (i.e. Monsanto.).   That is why it is worth to declare IFOAM “SELIKOFF* OF THE WORLD ORGANIC AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION” because in a broad spectrum its purpose is to eliminate “Hunger, poverty, natural disasters and feeling powerlessness and hopelessness that represent biggest threat to the world peace” aiming to raise healthy generations by practicing healthy organic agriculture principles.

“The Right to Food” principle stimulated IFOAM’s efforts by prioritizing increased investments in local food production, smallholders, youth, indigenous farmers and paying special attention to women and a commitment to ensure proper nutrition for all. 17th of October is the International Poverty Eradication Day that tries to help “Ending the Violence of Extreme Poverty: Promoting Empowerment and Building Peace” where IFOAM dedicated itself to serve to this purpose.  Despite some important gains, several critical gaps remain that may be solved through the application of the organic agriculture principles through women, standards, flexibility and adaptability is the key to the success.  Increasing opportunities for women in organic agriculture and livestock production can have a powerful impact on productivity and agriculture-led growth.  Women tend to devote a larger fraction of their income to their children’s health and nutrition, laying the foundation for their children’s lifelong cognitive and physical development.

The Rio+20 efforts and the followed correct policy provided by IFOAM which involves scaling up pilot programs to create transformational changes: Legal reforms, especially related to land rights, are often important to ensuring access and use. Expand leadership and participation of women in organic agricultural decision making at all levels and in all institutions related to its policies “Feed the Future” will ensure the food security programs.  The problem is complex, however IFOAM is working on creative solutions that will help women, families and smallholders attain long-term food security for happier and healthier lives of all. Happy 40th anniversary IFOAM, the job is well done.  Thank you and congratulations!


Associate Professor Sümer Hasimoglu, MS, PhD
Adviser to Dogu Anadolu Tarim ve Besiciler Birligi Dernegi (DOGTARBESBIR- Eastern Anatolian Agriculture and Livestock Producers Association) Erzurum, Turkey/ Schafer Str. 20, 19053 Schwerin, Germany,


* Dr. Irving Selikoff: He began to publicize his famous research on the health effects of asbestos in 1964.  The industry started a multiyear attack on him and his research. To his credit, Dr. Selikoff endured this sustained industry-generated harassment.  While asbestos is still being exported from and used in some countries, credible scientists agree on its devastating health effects.Similarly to above, it is also worth to mention that one of the research scientists Prof. Dr. Onur Hamzaoglu is chosen as Selikoff** of Turkey who is prosecuted by the Turkish Government and the University administration because he published and explained his research findings and declared that Izmit Province industrial waste is a threat to the health of the people (Increased number of the cancer incidences) live in the area. He was harassed and accused that he had intended to cause panic among people (Cem Terzi, 2012)


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