Nov 25

Rural Development Administration. The Organic Paradigm

South Korea has successfully experienced the green revolution; it broke out chronic hunger after the colonial period and the Korean War. The economic success of Korea was supported by stable food supply from farmers and advanced R&Ds by RDA. However, we should not fall into the inertia, because our planet is challenged by food security, climate change, mass extinction of species from decrease in biodiversity, oil depletion and soil and water pollutions. RDA is finding a solution to the global issues with the help of innovative R&Ds in organic and sustainable agriculture, conservation and careful use of natural resources.

Governmental support for organic farmers makes us expect that organic and sustainable farming products would reach 10% of total agricultural products in 2013. Still, organic farmland represents only 0.8% of the total farmland in Korea, and farming technology and its distribution strategy should be innovated to increase organic farms. Organic agriculture division of RDA is a key organization for the innovation of R&Ds in organic farming. RDA selected an agenda for organic and sustainable agriculture in 2008, and has supported many collaborative research projects from university, industry and even organic farmers.

In September 30, 2011, RDA and IFOAM signed an agreement on the collaboration for management of the Organic Farming Innovation Award (OFIA) and for distribution of innovative organic agricultural technologies. OFIA will be presented every three year in the Organic World Congress. RDA and IFOAM will continue to cooperate in operating OFIA. The OFIA will be a channel to support the R&D for developing the global organic agriculture. RDA and IFOAM will carry out diverse cooperation projects for the organic paradigm.


Minho Lee
RDA-IFOAM Collaborative project coordinator
Organic Agriculture Division, National Academy of Agricultural Science (NAAS), RDA,
Republic of Korea
E-mail: mhlee@korea.kr

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