BioFach – the World Organic Trade Fair

The World Organic Trade Fair BioFach is distinguished by its vigour, internationality and innovative power. Together with Vivaness, the Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care and Wellness, it attracts over 2,400 exhibitors – more than two-thirds of them from abroad – and more than 40,000 trade visitors from approx. 130 countries to Nürnberg every year in February. BioFach is present throughout the world with its own events in Japan, the United States, South America, China and India.

Organic is convincing more and more people around the globe. The players gathered at BioFach and Vivaness in February 2012 announced more growth once again. The German market grew by 9 % to 6.59 billion EUR in 2011, and international organic sales are just under 60 billion US dollars. Despite the financial crisis, BioFach’s international patron, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), and its national supporting organization, Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft (BÖLW – German Federation of the Organic Food Industry), assume more market growth in the future.

Product Focus on Certified Organic Food

The biggest international platform for organic products has focused on organically produced food for more than 20 years. One of BioFach’s key quality features is that the world’s leading exhibition presents exclusively certified organic products – admitted and inspected on the basis of strict criteria. BioFach is not only the international marketplace and trading centre for organic products, but also a central meeting point for the sector and the people who shape it. The congress that takes place parallel to the exhibition every year makes it a major forum for knowledge and information too. The sector also appreciates its role as a platform for image promotion, PR, politics and public opinion. Every year, exhibitors and visitors from all over the world come to the exhibition centre in Nürnberg to find the scope and opportunities to shape the future of their sector, develop prospects for tomorrow and generate vital impetus.

Save the date! The international organic sector meets next time in Nürnberg from 13–16 February 2013.
Other BioFach events:

  • BioFach America, Baltimore      20–22 September 2012
  • BioFach Japan, Tokyo               21–23 November 2012
  • BioFach India, Bangalore          29 November – 1 December 2012
  • BioFach China, Shangha          23–25 May 2013
  • BioFach América Latina, São Paulo    June 2013

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Bonn is the U.N. City of Germany, where 18 U.N. organizations with around 950 employees work for sustainable development worldwide. The commitment for environment and development is also the focus of many other stakeholders based here – the federal ministries, developmental agencies, scientific and research institutions, big businesses and around 150 NGOs that are international, or operate internationally. Every year, to mark a special cause, the City of Bonn has made it its tradition to enter into an annual partnership with one of these NGOs, jointly giving a special platform to the causes and concerns of the partner organization.

In 2012, IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, is the annual partner of the City of Bonn. In 2012 IFOAM celebrates its 40th anniversary, and the thematic connections are diverse – especially through the engagement of the City of Bonn for biological diversity and through the presence of many other important local stakeholders, active in this thematic field. It is therefore a special pleasure to be able to send, through this partnership, a strong signal to the upcoming “Rio + 20 conference”.

In Bonn, the United Nations Organization focuses its efforts on worldwide sustainable development. Two of the three conventions (desertification and climate change) initiated in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro are based in Bonn. The third (biodiversity) held a groundbreaking Conference of Parties in Bonn in 2008.

Bonn is a place where sustainability is conceived anew, and many, diverse contributions to “Rio + 20” are formulated. Bonn and the stakeholders based here do not make demands; they volunteer. The proposal from Bonn is: we will do every thing in our means and networks to contribute to sustainable development, to confront threats and to motivate people to commit.