Dec 04

A Sustainable and Future-oriented Economy can Only Exist in Harmony with Nature

Organic farming means a closed loop system and, due to soil fertility and mixed cultures, it not only ensures stable yields but also stores carbon dioxide in the long term. Plus, it produces crops of first-rate quality.

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Nov 29

MASIPAG: Organic Agriculture for Farmer Empowerment and Rural Development

For MASIPAG, recognition of all types of certification system is crucial to include and provide incentive to all organic producers, small, big and corporate and to strengthen not only the export market but more importantly, the domestic market.

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Nov 27

Celebrating IFOAM 40th Anniversary in the Highlands of Cusco in Peru

“Seed is part of our culture; it embeds information not only on how to select, sow and take care of it, but also on medicinal properties, rituals, stories and legends. Seed freedom should be supported and advocated as the people’s right for a food secure future based on human scale farming systems”

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Nov 25

Rural Development Administration. The Organic Paradigm

Organic agriculture division of RDA is a key organization for the innovation of R&Ds in organic farming. RDA selected an agenda for organic and sustainable agriculture in 2008, and has supported many collaborative research projects from university, industry and even organic farmers.

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Nov 19

From a Strong Supporter of IFOAM’s Poverty Eradication Policy, a Message to the Organic Community

Increasing opportunities for women in organic agriculture and livestock production can have a powerful impact on productivity and agriculture-led growth. Women tend to devote a larger fraction of their income to their children’s health and nutrition, laying the foundation for their children’s lifelong cognitive and physical development.

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