Nov 15

A Story of Sustainable Production in Vietnam

We strongly believe in the development of the organic movements in the entire world in general and in Vietnam in particular. We have been trying to contribute to its development and we know we have many partners around the world.

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Nov 12

SEKEM – a Bio-pioneer for Food Security

With part of their profits the SEKEM companies co-finance the social and cultural activities of the SEKEM Development Foundation that runs, among others, several schools, a medical centre, an academy of applied sciences, and other institutions in Egypt.

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Nov 07

Bugday Association’s Contribution to the Organic Movement in Turkey: ‘Sowing the Seeds of Change’

“We hope that all disasters and disorders on this planet will be the light to take us out of the darkness of eco-ignorance age. The solutions are coming out, not only with gatherings like Rio+20 or purely organic farming, but also the ecological transformation on consciousness of the human being. And organic farming is a perfect tool to reach this state of high consciousness”.

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Nov 02

La Esperancita Dies Last

Our aim was to rescue and improve soil fertility in a region that had been a rainforest only 15 years before, and where the degradation of soils had already begun. We discovered soon that ecological agro-forestry is the answer to the forest vocation of humid tropics.

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Oct 29

I Am Organic

Organic is being human. It joins me with others irrespective of their race, creed or language. The roots of our practices that binds us is like jazz; collective, spontaneous improvisation. Deep Organics is not complicated, nor is its essence found in rules and regulations, but I acknowledge these constructs as symptoms of human frailty.

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