Oct 24

IDEAL Providence Farms: Be Open for any Improvement towards Organic Development

I will try my very best to transmit the lesson learned as soon as possible and to as many farmers as possible here in Ghana and especially to the groups of women to whom I cooperate. Only our common efforts on the working level can bring the necessary bottom-up change. And if the political level participates, it is even better.

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Oct 16

Saudi Organic Farming Association: A Country Committed to Sustainable Food Production

Organic agriculture research in dry climatic environments such as Saudi Arabia offers great future opportunities to deliver substantial solutions for smallholders in the Kingdom and elsewhere. In the light of extreme climates, Organic Research & Extension is among key issues which can make a difference for organic producers to help shape global sustainable organic systems development in future. Saudi Arabia has taken up this challenge and is about to develop and strengthen its Organic Agriculture Research Sector together with the GIZ in close collaboration with FiBL Switzerland.

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Oct 10

Artebio: Active in the European Market? Protect your Interests. Support IFOAM EU.

“IFOAM EU is not just a regional group for me: the important decisions on agricultural policy and as a consequence agricultural practices are taken in Brussels. If we want to work for a better agricultural future, Brussels is therefore the place to be. In the organic industry our hearts and minds are set on being the leader in sound solutions for the challenges humanity is facing, so we must have a strong representation in Brussels. Join me in sponsoring the good work of IFOAM EU!”

Alexandra Thöring, artebio GmbH&Co.KG, International Agency for Organic Products

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Oct 05

Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community: Traditional Organic Farming meets the Challenges of the Pacific

We believe that our traditional organic farming methods when strengthened, coordinated and shared will meet the changing needs of our region and peoples and carry us forward into the future. Many of the creation legends of the Pacific islands involve our lands being ‘fished up’ from the vast oceans – or conversely torrents of trapped …

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Oct 01

Friends in Village Development: Organic Farming in Bangladesh – Importance from Global Perspective

Bangladesh is the ranks eighth most populated country in the world and is the fifth such country in Asia. Agriculture plays a very important role in populated countries like Bangladesh. The conventional agriculture of Bangladesh after the green revolution depended on chemical compounds that had a negative impact on soil, human health and the environment.

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