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Dec 19

Ensuring Food Security from the very Beginning

IFOAM is turning 40, and our company, CCPB, is turning 25. We would like to share with you our story as a certification body: food safety has always been our main aim.
When our company was founded, in 1988, health threats, particularly caused by pesticides, were a big issue in Italy. We thought that organic production would be a fascinating solution to this problem, even if at that time this production process was almost unknown. There was no culture for organic, only rich and health oriented people used to buy organic products.
Through our certification service, we wanted to guarantee high production standards, and try to create a new market, making organic food affordable for a much wider range of consumers.

We welcomed European legislation in 1991 as a strong basis to go forward on this way.
Furthermore, we believed that only large agrifood companies would have been able to make a significant change in the market, so it was important to involve them in organic production.
After all these years, we can happily say that we have made it.  We joined IFOAM in 1995, and we have shared the same vision ever since. Our CCPB Global Programme is the certification scheme for organic products that we set up to certify compliance with the IFOAM standards. Now we are also able to certify agrifood, textiles, and cosmetics.  And we are focusing our efforts towards sustainability programs.
For the future we would like to spread the idea that technology could help organic farming in order to provide a better and sustainable production system. We would like to weigh up the balance between nature and technology!
Organic can still be improved, but for CCPB it’s the best solution available for sustainability.

Fabrizio Piva