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Nov 27

Celebrating IFOAM 40th Anniversary in the Highlands of Cusco in Peru

It is very well known the mega biodiverse country Peru is.  Los Andes mountain chain embeds a wide range of climates and ecosystems becoming a centre of origin of important food species to feed the world: corns, potatoes, Andean cereals and grains such as amaranth, quinoa, kañiwa, roots such as arracacha and many others.  The agroecological approach to preserve these valuable genetic resources is a must for the future of our food system in highly genetic diversified areas.  Diversified resources are linked to diversified cultures. Cusco was the centre of the Inca’s empire before the Spaniards arrived to America, but before the Incas there were other ancient cultures domesticating plants and animals for a food secure society.

Nowadays, AGROECO, a project aiming food security and rural livelihoods improvement, is working with improved techniques, ecologically sound systems, but also culturally appropriated whereas ancient wisdom and tradition enrich science and technology for food production.  Vanaja Ramprasad, former IFOAM World Board Member and President of Green Foundation from India, visited Peru in May 2012 and shared knowledge and experiences on community seed banks.  Vanaja gave a conference and several lectures to crowded auditoriums in Cusco and Lima, addressing local authorities, the academy, students and rural development organizations. She shared key aspects to consider in the analysis of the current world food crisis as well as the experience of Green Foundation in the promotion of community seed banks.  No better closure for her visit in Cusco to celebrate IFOAM’s anniversary than the spiritual encounter of two worlds with a Pachamama celebration and lanterns release in the city of Cusco.  This celebration was a joint activity of AGROECO and IFOAM Latin America Regional Group (GALCI).

Read more about AGROECO in http://www.leisa-al.org/agroeco/